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254 Slow Pitch Road
Bamberg, SC 29003
(803) 245-7387
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MAMAS-SHPR Adoption App

Mary Ann Morris Animal Society and

Safe Haven Puppy Rescue



254 Slow Pitch Road
Bamberg, SC 29003
Phone: (803) 245-7387 (PETS)
email: mamas.animal.society@gmail.com
website: www.mamasanimalshelter.com
Adoption email:


This Adoption Application will be submitted to the Adoption Team at Safe Haven Puppy Rescue, the adoption arm of the Mary Ann Morris Animal Society. 


To complete the application, any question marked with an asterisk(*)  is a required question.

---Some required questions are not marked with an asterisk(*), since every applicant may not have a co-applicant or additional house hold members.  

Please complete the questions, if for example, if you do not have a home phone number , only a cell phone number, please enter the cell phone number in both locations to complete the question, otherwise the form will not submit.   Be careful not to have extra spaces after email addresses and phone numbers. 


This form  DOES NOT  work well on an iPhone. It does work with Apple and Windows computers and Android phones and tablets. I have not tested on an iPad. 

Thank you!